Top Anti-Aging Secrets of Famous Actresses

So many of us look to gorgeous, famous actresses and wish we could look that flawless at any age. Of course, there's a lot of tricks of light, makeup, and airbrushing that go into any sort of media appearance, but that doesn't negate how fantastic some of them look when they're out and about in the real world. You might think that all stars have plastic surgeons on stand by, but the reality is that not everyone has had surgery. A lot of beautiful actresses have stated that they haven't needed to have work done or they've only done minimal skin treatments that weren't surgical.

What do they all have in common, though? Many of their skin care regimens include a healthy diet and regular things, like daily moisturizing. So what are some of their big secrets than even you and I can add to our everyday to promote a youthful appearance?

Top Anti-Aging Secrets of Gorgeous Actresses

You can find interviews from every top actress where the talk about some of their best skincare secrets. Here are some of the most common, from the beautiful ladies who seem to get even better with age.

  • Sunscreen. It can't be said enough, SPF is your top tool to fight the aging effects of the sun. Stars like Nicole Kidman, Julianna Margulies, and Sarah Jessica Parker have all been quoted in various articles as attributing their youthful appearance to using sunscreen whenever they're outdoors and staying out of the sun as much as possible.
  • Moisturizer. Most stars have an every day moisturizer routine, while the products vary depending on their own preference. Stars like Catherine Zeta Jones attribute their eternal youthfulness to using moisturizer before applying makeup.
  • Vitamins. Vitamins and nutrients are an important component to your body's overall health. Halle Barry has even said that she uses pure Vitamin C on her skin before she moisturizes. You can give your complexion a boost of Vitamin C by incorporating Uptown's Super Vitamin C Royalty Serum into your daily skincare routine. 
  • Exercise. Many actresses have their favorite exercise routines which not only promote overall health but definitely improve their appearance. Some favorites include running, yoga, and Pilates.
  • Diet. Diet is another important component to many star's daily routines. While some swear by certain strict diets, what's very important is that you're receiving the right calorie intake and vitamins. You should also always make sure you're hydrated.

These are just some of the top overall tips. Every star seems to have their favorite products, diets, and exercises. What they do all have in common is that they all maintain a very active interest in exercise and skincare on a daily basis.

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